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Rhapsody in Nostalgia

If I got it on CD, I've burned it to my hard drive, but vinyl been something of a bother. I got through about 2/3 of my split singles, and I usually rip (that's right, you "burn" CD's and "rip" vinyl) new stuff, but there are plenty of old records I haven't bothered with yet.

So I've been listening to some old stuff I have only on vinyl or cassette via this Rhapsody music service. $10 a month is alright for what they have. Nothing too obscure (nevermind the J-pop or Sarah) but it's pretty solid.

It occurred to me that I hadn't listened to Mike Oldfield's Ommadawn album in quite a few years, so I checked it out.

Boy, is it awful... With one amazing exception. Oldfield was still following up the long-instrumental format of the (still-stellar) Tubular Bells, so side one of Ommadawn is one long, dreadful track called "Ommadawn Part 1", and the second side, mostly consists of a second long and mostly dreadful track, this one called "Ommadawn Part 2." But at the end of the second side, there's this 3-1/2 minute diddy called (according to the back of the album) "the horse song" or, according the 7" single, "On Horseback." The song seems pasted on, like a cassette with a few extra minutes left on it so you stick on a song by some other band.

the horse song

So cute, it should make me sick, but I love it.

Rhapsody has some bonus tracks for the 2010 re-release of Ommadawn that are pretty good, too, all of which are better than the title song(s), really, "In Dulce Jubilo," "Argiers," a few others.

Oldfield began to move away from the long-song format after Ommadawn -- I dunno that he was ever really all that outstanding, but he had some tunes. But the horse song is what I remember the most.

and in the spirit of sticking things on that have little to do with the main body -- something else I've been listening to on Rhapsody:

Danny Brown - Exotic
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