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Finally, probably 30 years after I first heard about it, I watched Alphaville.

I was always up for science fiction, and the movies were very important. I dug up stuff to watch, went to conventions to catch obscure classics, poured over my science fiction film encyclopedia. But something always kind of kept me away from Alphaville.

The other day, I googled "best science fiction movies" or something like that and came up someone's opinion on the top 100. And there was Alphaville at number 58. And with Eddie Constantine, Anna Karina, how could I go wrong?


I guess "more interesting than good" is the way I would put it. The choice to call New York and Florence other "galaxies" -- meanwhile filming everything in contemporary Paris with no attempt to futurize it was an interesting choice. But more interesting than good. The theme was a bit beyond me -- violence and love beat logic(?). So I gotta admit I fast-forwarded through parts, with subtitles conveniently keeping me party abreast of the goings-on.

There maybe 5 or 6 other movies on the list I haven't seen -- mostly classics. A Trip to the Moon (it's on YouTube, so I should check it out), Things to Come, Quartermass 2, This Island Earth, Explorers. A couple I might have seen or maybe just parts of -- Barbarella, Independence Day, The Abyss, Star Trek VI (?). And one I'd never heard of -- The Fountain. And the commenters had some more I should check out -- The Forbin Project, When worlds Collide, Slipstream, The Man in the White Suit, 13th floor. They had a couple more of the artsy stuff that falls flat for me -- Alphaville (as mentioned), The Man Who Fell to Earth, Tetsuo. Finally, there were a few downright curious entries -- Cocoon? Andromeda Strain? A Boy and His Dog? Event Horizon? Trancers... meh. I guess somebody liked those...
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