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brightpop's Journal

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it's not the truth, but I believe it anyway
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#poundsign#, 17th century history, adorable, alan moore, algorithms describing human behavior, american analog set, battle royale, bauhaus, big black, birdie, blade runner, blue velvet, breathless, brighter, bud powell, call and response, cerebus, chappie, chapterhouse, china miéville, cilantro, club 8, color filter, cordwainer smith, cubismo grafico, epistemology, escalator records, fading suns, finntroll, flannery o'connor, flashman, flying saucer attack, giordano bruno, gorguts, gravity's rainbow, h.p. lovecraft, harlan ellison, harvey the hillbilly bastard, hayao miyazaki, hidden cameras, history, idiotic dance music, immanuel velikovsky, in n out, industry & ideology, j-pop, jedi mind tricks, jill banner, johnny the homicidal maniac, joy division, kalx, kraftwerk, laila france, low, m. emmet walsh, manual, meandering aimlessly, mervyn peake, metaphysical engineering, mindless pleasures, mouse on mars, múm, neal stephenson, neurosis, palace brothers, people like us, philip cohran, philip k. dick, poundsign, poussin*, questioning my own existence, ranma 1/2, revisionist history, roadtrips, robyn hitchcock, rpg's, sarah records, seriously fucked-up movies, shelflife, shoegazing, six cents and natalie, slowdive, sonic coaster pop, spider baby, stanley kubrick, stars, steeleye span, strawberry story, strongbad, the embassy, the fall, the incredible string band, the lucksmiths, the mountain goats, the radio dept., the would-be-goods, vitesse, william s. burroughs, winsor mccay, y.t.'s mom

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